Mechanical Engineering Jobs with No Experience

In this article, I will explain the top 3 ways to get Mechanical Engineering Jobs with No Experience. It’s challenging for mechanical engineers to get jobs without experience. But the question is how to gain experience without jobs.

Suppose you are a mechanical engineer fresher and looking out for jobs. In that case, you might have already observed that most of the job openings require you to have work experience.

1) Mechanical Engineering Jobs with No Experience – Gain experience through Internships.

Internships are something that you are already familiar with. As part of your curriculum, you would have already taken up a couple of internships. Internships are meant to provide you with work experience. Worst case, at least they should give you some employable skills.

If you have already participated in some internships, ask yourself what employable skills you have acquired during the internships.

If you have no answer to this question, the Internship is a waste of time and effort. Furthermore, the future employer will not be impressed by these internships.

So look out for internships in the areas of your interest that provide you the employability skills.

Suppose you are unable to get internship opportunities. Don’t worry. I will inform you about a free internship opportunity you can do from the comfort of your home, college, or office.

2) Mechanical Engineering Jobs with No Experience – Gain experience by taking Personal Projects.

Perform some personal projects. For example, design an electric vehicle like an EV or a scooter. You could also design a robotic arm.

Much information is available on the internet to design and develop such products. These projects are quite rigorous that involve a lot of study and work. Then, you can team up with a couple of your friends and distribute the work.

3) Mechanical Engineering Jobs with No Experience – Gain experience by taking Reverse Engineering projects.

This is the easiest thing that every mechanical engineer can do right from home. You come across many mechanical items in your daily life. For example, a pen, a chair, a table, your computer mouse, your bike’s keys, a motorcycle’s parts, and many more. All are mechanical items.

Measure the dimensions of any item using a steel scale and a vernier.

Don’t worry if you are unable to measure any dimension. Assume them.

Recreate the 3D design using any CAD software. Create the manufacturing drawings. Make a study and understand the manufacturing processes.

To summarize, internships, personal projects, and reverse engineering activities will differentiate you from other candidates.

One important thing which I want you to keep in mind is the reports.

Whether it’s an internship, a personal project, or a reverse engineering activity, You need to capture the learnings in a report.

This report is something which can help you in getting a job. In addition, the information in the report will help you prepare for the interview. If you have prepared a comprehensive report, you can answer all questions from the interviewer.

You can also create a portfolio and present it during the interview.

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