Online Courses for Mechanical Engineers

In this article, I will provide a list of top online courses for mechanical engineers. Before I provide this list, let us understand the top 5 advantages of online courses for mechanical engineers.

Top 5 advantages of online courses for mechanical engineers.

Online courses offer several advantages for mechanical engineers, including:

1) Flexibility:

Online courses can be taken from anywhere, at any time, making it easier for working professionals to balance their education and career.

2) Cost-effective:

Many online courses are more affordable than traditional in-person classes.

3) Wide range of courses:

Online courses offer a variety of mechanical engineering topics, providing a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for growth.

4) Up-to-date information:

Online courses are often updated more frequently, ensuring the information is current and relevant.

5) Interactive learning:

Many online courses feature interactive elements, such as simulations and virtual labs, which can help students better understand complex concepts.

Overall, online courses provide an accessible and convenient way for mechanical engineers to expand their knowledge and skills.

Best Online Courses for Mechanical Engineers to acquire Job Skills

Check out the list of interesting, exciting, and futuristic online courses for Mechanical Engineers to acquire Job Skills.

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1) Robotics and Control: Theory and Practice [ A Course by IIT Roorkee ]

Robotics has stimulated an growing interest among a wide range of scholars, researchers and students due to its interdisciplinary characteristics. The development of this field of science is boosted by various domains which are not limited to Cybernetics, Controls, Computers, Mechanics, Bio-Engineering, and Electronics. Among these areas, modelling, control, planning play a fundamental role not only in the growth of industrial robotics, but also towards the advanced fields including healthcare and field robotics.
Through this course the participants will acquire the ability to conduct research, develop innovative designs in the field of systems engineering and control of robots and to direct the development of engineering solutions in new or unfamiliar environments by linking creativity, innovation and transfer of technology.

2) Product Design and Manufacturing [ A Course by IIT Kanpur ]

Innovation, better management, throughput improvements, and expansion of new technologies have led Product Design and Manufacturing as a compelling field for the students. Managing the product development process, right from idea generation to final product manufacturing has to be systematic and effective to meet the customer needs, while incorporating the time-to-market constraint as well. This course presents an overview of the product design and development process, along with the manufacturing systems aspects. The concepts Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, and Environment, and analytical tools for development, costing and manufacturing would help the students and practitioners learn to conceptualize, design, and manufacture competitively-priced quality products. Reverse Engineering, Prototyping and Simulation using soft tools are also incorporated make the students learn the advanced methods in manufacturing.

3) Mechatronics [ A Course by IIT Roorkee ]

The word mechatronics is composed of “mecha” from mechanism and the “tronics” from electronics. It is the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering, with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacturing of industrial products and processes. Mechatronics generally involves (i) implementing electronics control in a mechanical system (ii) enhancing existing mechanical design with intelligent control and (iii) replacing mechanical component with an electronic solution. This course will cover all aspects related with mechatronics such as sensors and transducers, actuators and mechanisms, signal conditioning, microprocessors and microcontrollers, modeling & system response and design and mechatronics.

4) Manufacturing Automation [ A Course by IIT Kanpur ]

The course will basically deal with the following topics:

  1. Introduction: Definition; Types of automation; Reasons for automating; Automation strategies.
  2. Detroit type automation : Automated flow lines: types and their selection; Methods of workpart transport; Transfer mechanisms; Controlling of automated flow lines.
  3. Analysis of automated flow lines: System aspects of designing and running the line; Average production time and production rate; Line efficiency; Analysis of transfer lines without storage – upper bound and lower bound approach; Partial automation.
  4. Automated assembly systems: Historical developments of the assembly process; Choice of assembly methods; Design for automated assembly; Transfer systems; Vibratory bowl feeders – its analysis; Non-vibratory feeders and their analysis; Analysis and design of part orienting devices, feed tracks and part placing mechanisms.
  5. Orientation of parts in automatic assembly: In-Bowl and Out-of-Bowl Toolings; Typical Orienting Systems: Wiper Blade, Pressure Break, slot in the track; Analysis of Part Orienting Systems; Examples of Out-of-Bowl Toolings; Feed Tracks: Analysis of Horizontal Delivery Feed Track; “ON-OFF” Sensors; Reliability of Feeding.

5) Kinematics Of Mechanisms And Machines [ A Course by IIT Kharagpur ]

This course will deal with kinematic analysis of mechanisms and machines. It will include motion and force transmission analysis of linkage mechanisms, open and closed-chain planar robots, and geared transmission. The discussion will start with an introduction to the subject matter and nomenclature, and will cover direct and inverse kinematics, velocity and acceleration analysis, kinematic path generation for robots, singularities in kinematic chains, principle of virtual work and force analysis, and kinematic analysis of gear transmission.The course will demonstrate various concepts by working out problems relevant to real life applications of mechanisms. The course is expected to help students in their basic understanding and use of kinematic analysis.

6) Advanced Robotics [ A Course by IIT Kanpur ]

The course is intended as a second level course for students, teachers and industry personal interested in learning the advanced concepts in robotics, as required in the design and control of robotic systems. This course is not intended as a basic course for learning robotics. The course starts with an introduction to robotics, linkages and workspaces, transformations, kinematics, trajectory planning and dynamics. Next, singular value decomposition is introduced to explain the concept of manipulation ability that is followed by the basics of linear control methods. The course also introduces advanced topics like modeling and analysis of multi-finger grasping, legged robots, their design and optimization with real world applications.

7) Free Online Internship for Mechanical Engineers [ A Course by Royal Mechanical]

In this online Internship you will learn to design a Press Tool, you will also learn to Design with Catia v5, and you will learn to Write an Internship Report

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