Spoken English for Mechanical Engineers

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Prasannakumar Shankar is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of work experience. In addition, to BE in mechanical engineering, he has an MTech, EMBA, and MS degree (from the State University of New York at Buffalo). He has worked for global multinational companies automotive and aerospace sectors in India and abroad. Prasannakumar Shankar is passionately working towards the success of mechanical engineers by providing them with skill-based online training. Single-handedly, He has created an online school for mechanical engineers - elearn.royal-mechanical.com & https://royal-mechanical.com/

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About Us

Royal Mechanical is an online school that offers Industry Oriented Job Skills for Mechanical Engineers. Royal Mechanical is best known for its online skill development course for mechanical engineers in the areas of CAD, product design, manufacturing process, tooling design, communication skills, and robotics.
Mr. Prasannakumar Shankar, the CEO, is determined to enable young Mechanical Engineers to start and succeed in their careers. Feel free to write to him: [email protected]