Free Internship for Mechanical Engineers

Free Internship for Mechanical Engineers - Press Tool Design with Catia V5


It has always been challenging for mechanical engineering freshers to get their first job in the core mechanical engineering domain.

The primary reason for mechanical engineers not getting jobs is a lack of skills and experience.

It's a kind of a tricky situation, no job without experience and no experience without jobs.

The way out of this tricky situation is an "Internship," through which you can gain both skills and experience.

Many mechanical engineers won't be able to get an internship opportunity in their areas of interest.

I am offering a free internship for mechanical engineers on my YouTube Channel, royal mechanical. This internship is in association with Maxpertise Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd.

The objective of this internship is to design press tools with catia v5.

This internship will be for a duration of 4 weeks, and there will be around 25-30 videos presented for mechanical engineers to study. I will be uploading one video every day.

A soft copy of the internship certificate will be issued to all mechanical engineers who successfully complete this internship. To successfully complete the internship, you will have to submit an internship report. Don't worry. I will also teach you how to prepare an internship report.

I will be your guide and mentor during the internship.

My name is Prasanna. I am the creator of the e-learning portal for mechanical engineers

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Don't take this internship just because it's free.


The top three reasons why you should take this internship are


Number 1: You will acquire technical skills

You will learn press tool design. Do you know the application of press tools in the mechanical industry? For example, right from a simple washer to a complicated body panel of a car is made using press tools. In this course, you will learn press tool design using catia v5. You will also learn all the required design calculations and manufacturing drawing creation.


Number 2: You will acquire employable skills

You will learn catia v5. Catia v5 is used by most multi-national companies to design their products like aircraft, automobiles, etc. So learning catia v5 will for sure increase your chance of getting employment. You will learn the part design, assembly design, and drafting workbenches of Catia v5.


Number 3: you will acquire communication skill

Writing is one of the most sought-after communication skills in a technical field. In this internship, I will teach you to prepare the internship report.


Above all, It's Free!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and enroll for free!!

Happy Learning, All the very best for your job search.


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