8) Spoken English Role-play Conversations: Onsite opportunity

This article provides Spoken English Role-play Conversations for mechanical engineers – Onsite opportunity. Vikram and his colleague did an outstanding job on the pilot project. The Quick Automation team appreciated it. The Top engineering services company also proposed a highly competitive commercial offer. As a result, Top engineering services company was selected as a vendor to support Quick Automation’s engineering team. Vikram is now leading a team of 4 engineers, who are all working on quick Automation projects.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Onsite opportunities add a lot of value in terms of skills, knowledge, and experience to mechanical engineers – never miss an onsite opportunity.
  • b) Onsite opportunities could be either national or international – prepare for both.
  • c) Spoken English is one of the essential skills for your success in onsite assignments.
Mechanical Engineering Job Interview Q&A

49) Role-play: Training in the USA

For more than one year, the Top engineering services company has been working for Quick Automations. The team size is increased to 8 engineers. The quick Automations team is happy with the KPIs of the Top engineering services team. So, Quick Automation has decided to involve the Top engineering services company in their 3D design activity. They want to train Vikram and one more engineer at their facility in the USA on the design of SPMs.

Spoken English Conversation 49: Training in the USA

Girish: Hi Vikram, I have good news for you.
Vikram:Tell me, sir.
Girish: You have been selected for training at Quick Automation in the USA.
Vikram:Is it?
Girish: Yes. Quick Automations will train you on SPM design for three months. Once you return, you will design SPMs from our office for Quick Automations.
Vikram:Good to know, sir. Thanks for this fantastic opportunity.
Girish: I will send an email to our travel desk to process your visa and arrange for your travel and accommodation. So go and meet them right away.
Vikram:Sure, sir. Thanks.
Girish: Submit all the documents and paperwork requested by the travel desk. All the best.
Vikram:Sure, sir. Thanks.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Deliberate and document the training plan.
  • b) Prepare a list of all the expected training outcomes before the start of the training.
  • c) Understand the trainee evaluation criteria before the start of the training.

50) Role-play: Visa interview

With the help of the travel desk, Vikram did prepare all the necessary documentation. His visa interview appointment is also scheduled. Vikram has reached the US consulate for Visa stamping. He is slightly nervous, at the same time, more confident to face the visa interview.

Spoken English Conversation 50: Visa interview

Vikram:Good morning, sir.
Visa Officer: Good morning. What is the purpose of your visit to the USA?
Vikram:Sir, I am going to the USA for training with Quick Automations.
Visa Officer: What is the purpose of this training?
Vikram:I have worked for Quick Automation for the past year on their basic requirements. After the training, we intend to work on the advanced requirements of Quick Automations. Due to this, we need to acquire specialized skills from Quick Automation.
Visa Officer: How long is your training
Vikram:Sir, it is for three months
Visa Officer: Where will you be staying in the USA?
Vikram:Sir, I will be staying in a hotel.
Visa Officer: Who is going to pay for your expenses?
Vikram:Sir, my company, Top engineering services, will pay all my expenses.
Visa Officer: Do you have any relatives in the USA
Vikram:No, sir. I don’t have any relatives in the USA
Visa Officer: Ok, your visa is approved.
Vikram:Thanks, sir. You have a wonderful day ahead.
Visa Officer: You are welcome.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Prepare for the visa interview. Speak to the travel desk and find out the anticipated questions during a visa interview.
  • b) For the visa interview, wait for your turn. Don’t rush.
  • c) Greet the visa officer as soon as you see the officer.
  • d) Speak in complete sentences with the visa officer.
  • e) Maintain eye contact even though the visa officer does not see you. Note, most of the time. The visa officer is verifying documents or typing on the computer.

51) Role-play: Propose to girlfriend

With the approval of his US visa, Vikram is all set to go to the USA. For the first time in his life. It looks like all his dreams are coming true. But, there is one dream girl whom he wants in his life, Sapna. So, today he is sharing his love for her.

Spoken English Conversation 51: Propose to girlfriend

Vikram:Hello Sapna, how are you?
Hi Vikram, I am good. How about you?
Vikram:Thanks, Sapna. I am also doing good. Can you join me for dinner tonight?
Sapna:No. Late in the evening, I have online classes to attend.
Vikram:Is it? Can you join me for coffee in the evening? I have important news to share with you.
Sapna:Why don’t you tell me the news right away? It will save me a lot of time.
Vikram:No. Please come. I want to tell you personally.
Sapna:Ok. Where should I come?
Vikram:At our regular coffee shop in the shopping mall.
Sapna:Ok, I will be there by 5:30 PM.
Vikram:Ok, bye. See you in the evening.
Sapna reaches the coffee shop. Vikram is already there at the coffee shop
Vikram:Hi, Sapna. You are late.
Sapna:Hi, I am late by just 10 minutes.
Vikram:Ok, what would you like to have? Do you want to eat some snacks?
Sapna:No. I will have only coffee. I have online classes, so I am having early dinner these days.
Vikram:Is it? What are you studying online?
Sapna:I am preparing for my TOEFL. So, I enrolled in an online class. Now tell me fast, what’s your news?
Vikram:I am going to the USA for training.
Sapna:That’s excellent news. Congratulations.
Vikram:Thanks. I will be traveling this weekend.
Sapna:Nice. Have a safe trip. How long will you be there?
Vikram:I will be in the USA for three months.
Sapna:Take good care of yourself.
Vikram:I have one more important thing to share with you.
Vikram:I want to take care of you for my life.
Vikram:I want to take care of you for my life.
Sapna:What does that mean?
Vikram:Think it over. I want your answer by the time I return from the USA.
Vikram:Ok then. So long
Sapna: Ok, Bye.

Spoken English tips

  • a) Don’t hurry, and don’t be blunt in your proposal.
  • b) When a boy proposes to a girl,
  • * Focus on what she would expect from a boyfriend or a partner rather than what you want.
  • c) When a girl proposes to a boy,
  • * Focus on what he would expect from a girlfriend or a partner rather than what you want.

52) Role-play: Bon Voyage

Vikram is at the airport to fly to the USA. He is astonished to see the vast check-in area, immaculately dressed airline staff, and many check-in counters.

An airline executive checks Vikram’s tickets and passport at the check-in counter.

Spoken English Conversation 52: Bon Voyage

Airline Executive: Good evening, sir.
Vikram:Good evening.
Airline Executive: Can I have your tickets and passport?
Airline Executive: Sir, please place your check-in baggage on the scales.
Airline Executive: Now place your cabin baggage on the scales.
Vikram:Ok. I am traveling for the first time. Can you please assign me a window seat?
Airline Executive: Sure. Let me check the availability. I have assigned a window seat for you
Airline Executive: You are welcome, sir. Here are your boarding pass and passport. Your flight will arrive at gate A1. Please proceed toward the security check.
Vikram:Sure, thanks.
Airline Executive: Bon Voyage, sir.
Vikram:Thank you.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Reach the airport as per airline instructions – usually 3 hours before the departure time for international flights.
  • b) Keep your passport, tickets, and boarding pass handy – They will be checked frequently.
  • c) Understand the baggage guidelines and weight restrictions to avoid delay and inconvenience.
  • d) Adjust your watch/clock to the flight destination date and time as soon as you board the flight – this will help you not miss any connecting flights.


  • Colleagues = people who are working together in a company
  • Outstanding = exceptionally good
  • Competitive = better than others
  • Commercial offer = quote
  • Vendor = supplier
  • Engineering = department responsible for the design
  • KPIs = Key Performance Indicators (example: Quality, Cost, Delivery, etc.)
  • Facility = office
  • USA = United States of America
  • TOEFL = Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • Weekend = Saturday and Sunday of a week
  • So long = goodbye, until we meet again
  • Immaculately = perfectly clean and neat
  • Passport = Document issued by the government which identifies an individual’s citizenship
  • Check-in baggage = Bag handed over to the airline staff, which will be stored in the cargo section of the aircraft
  • Cabin baggage = bag and other belongings carried by the passenger in the cabin of the aircraft
  • Bon Voyage = good wishes when someone leaves on a journey

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