7) Spoken English Role-play Conversations: A new project opportunity

Spoken English Presentation

This article provides Spoken English Role-play Conversations for mechanical engineers – A new project opportunity. Anant, the salesOpens in a new tab. manager at the Top engineering services, has connected Opens in a new tab.with Quick Automations, a potentialOpens in a new tab. customer in the USA. Quick Automations specialize in the design and manufacture of SPMs.

A preliminary meeting is planned between the Top engineering services team and the Quick Automations team. But, first, the Top engineering services team must make a capabilityOpens in a new tab. presentationOpens in a new tab. as a first step.

41) Role-play: Get ready for the presentation

The sales manager, Anant, has requested that the project manager, Rakesh, be prepared for the meeting with Quick Automations.

Rakesh thinks it will be better to involve Vikram in the discussion. Rakesh believes hands-onOpens in a new tab. engineers presenting to customers will always impress them. So, Rakesh assignsOpens in a new tab. the task of preparing Vikram to the project leader, Girish. Girish meets Vikram and asks him to prepare for the presentation.

Spoken English Conversation 41: Get ready for the presentation

Girish: Good morning, Vikram.
Vikram:Good morning, sir.
Girish: Vikram, we have a presentation to be made to a potential customer in the USA. The meeting is scheduled for Friday. I was hoping you could explain our tooling design capabilities to this customer.
Vikram:Sure, sir.
Girish: I will ask Mahesh to mail you all the PowerPoint slides related to our tooling design capabilities.
Girish: You study the slides and get ready for the presentation.
Vikram:Sure, sir. I will do it.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Never miss an opportunity to show offOpens in a new tab. your skills to senior management and customer.
  • b) Even though seniors and supervisors are busy, don’t hesitate to ask for help – maintain a professional relationship with them.
  • c) Prepare meticulouslyOpens in a new tab. for your presentations.

42) Role-play: Demo presentation

As Vikram is making the presentation for the first time, the project manager, Rakesh, suggests that Girish conduct a demoOpens in a new tab. presentation so that Vikram is comfortable while presenting to the customer. Girish, Mahesh, and Vikram are in a meeting room waiting for Rakesh.

Spoken English Conversation 42: Demo presentation

Rakesh: Hi guys, how are you all doing?
Girish: Good sir.
Girish: Ok, then. Let’s get started. Vikram, are you ready?
Vikram:Yes, sir.
Rakesh: Go ahead.
Hi everybody, good evening. I am Vikram. I am working as a tool designer with the Top engineering services. In the following few slides, I will showcase our tool design capabilities. We specialize in tooling design services for the automotive and aerospace domains. We are a team of engineers who specialize in designing jigs, fixtures, press tools, plastic injection moulds, and die-casting dies.

We have a team of experienced professionals working with global auto OEMs to design BIW fixtures and Stamping Dies for the automotive sector. The BIW fixture capabilities include assembly, welding, and inspection fixtures. In addition, the stamping dies to have press tools for small components, and large panel dies.

In the Aerospace sector, we have experience working with tier-1 and tier-2 aerospace companies on designing jigs, machining fixtures, assembly fixtures, and customized work platforms.

We follow a process-oriented approach to design tooling involving input study, concept design, detailed design, and manufacturing drawing creation. We provide these design services using world-class software like Catia, NX, SolidWorks, Creo, etc.

In the following few slides, I will showcase a few use cases.

The objective of this project was to design a BIW welding fixture for the frame of a passenger car. This project was for a global automotive OEM. A team of 2 tool design engineers worked for a week, right from concept design to creating manufacturing drawings. This project was executed using Catia software

This project aimed to design a checking fixture for the outer panel of a car door. This project was also for a global automotive OEM. A team of 2 tool design engineers worked for a week, right from concept design to creating manufacturing drawings. This project was executed using catia software

This project involved a complete set of stamping dies required for manufacturing the hood[11] of a car – the draw dieOpens in a new tab., the trim and pierce dieOpens in a new tab., the flange dieOpens in a new tab., and the restrike dieOpens in a new tab.. This project was completed with the help of 4 tool designers who worked for a month. This project was executed using NX software.

This project involved the design of assembly jigs for the sub-assemblies of an aircraft wing. This project was completed with the help of 10 tool designers who worked for three months. This project was executed using Catia software.

To summarize, we have the capacity and capabilities to serve our aerospace and automotive customers in tooling design requirements. We also have the necessary processes to ensure the quality of our deliverables. Thanks for providing me with this opportunity to showcase our tool design capabilities.

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer.
Rakesh: Nice, Vikram. It was an excellent presentation. I suggest you keep more use cases in your presentation. You need not explain the additional use cases in detail. Instead, you can name them quickly.
Vikram:Sure, sir, I will add more use cases.
Rakesh: Girish, Mahesh, and our sales manager Anant have our slides. I will be chairing the meeting. I will tell you when your turn comes.
Vikram:Ok, sir
Rakesh: Ok, then. I will make a move.
Vikram:Ok, sir

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Always be open to taking feedback from seniors and supervisors.
  • b) Don’t feel bad even when someone criticizes you.

43) Role-play: We have a pilot project

The Quick Automation team is impressed by the capability presentation of the Top engineering services team. However, to evaluate the technical capability, they want the Top engineering services team to perform a pilot projectOpens in a new tab.. The project’s scopeOpens in a new tab. is to create manufacturing drawingsOpens in a new tab. for one of their SPM. Mahesh wants Vikram to work on this pilot project.

Spoken English Conversation 43: We have a pilot project

Mahesh: Good morning, Vikram
Vikram:Good morning, Sir
Mahesh: Vikram, Quick Automations wants us to perform a pilot project. They have sent us the 3D design of one of their SPMsOpens in a new tab.. We will have to create manufacturing drawings. Start this project immediately. I will place the 3D design on the project server and mail you the link.
Vikram:Sure, sir. Which software should I use to create the manufacturing drawings?
Mahesh: We need to create these drawings using Catia.
Vikram:Ok, sir, I will do it.
Mahesh:If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to me. There are chances that quick automation would have provided the same projects to our competitors also. So, I want you to give your best.
Vikram:Sure, sir. By when should I complete this activity?
Mahesh: They have given us a week to complete this project. So, estimate the required efforts and let me know if you can do it alone.
Vikram:Sure, sir, I will do it.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Pilot projects are opportunities for employees and the company.
  • b) Ensure the scope, quality requirements, submission date, and deliverables are clearly understood and documented.

44) Role-play: Effort Estimate

Quick Automations has provided only one week to complete the pilot project. So, estimatingOpens in a new tab. the effortsOpens in a new tab. and assigning an appropriate number of engineers is essential. Mahesh has assigned the task to Viram. It’s always crucialOpens in a new tab. that the person assigned to perform the pilot project should always estimate the efforts. Vikram has completed the effort estimate.

Spoken English Conversation 44: Effort Estimate

Vikram:Excuse me, sir.
Mahesh: Yes, Vikram.
Vikram:Sir, I have completed the effort estimate.
Mahesh: So, how much time do you need to complete the pilot project?
Vikram:Sir, the design data has 42 parts, five sub-assemblies, and one main assembly
Mahesh: ok
Vikram:I would need two weeks to complete this pilot project.
Mahesh: Can you explain to me how you estimated the efforts?
Vikram:Sir, I opened each part and assembly. With my prior experience in creating similar drawings, I have assigned efforts to them.
Mahesh: Ok, did you consider the efforts for quality check?
Vikram:Yes, sir, I have added the QCOpens in a new tab. efforts at the part level and the assembly level
Mahesh: Good. I will request Girish to assign one more engineer for this project. You might have to work in shifts considering the license availability.
Vikram:Sure, sir. I prefer to come in on the first shiftOpens in a new tab..
Mahesh: I suggest you come in on the second shiftOpens in a new tab. as the customer is in the USA, just in case we must speak to them.
Vikram:Sure, sir, I will do it.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Double-check the effort estimates. If necessary, get it validated by seniors and supervisors. – A delay in submitting a pilot project can take the company away from winning the project

45) Role-play: Leave request

Vikram and another engineer are working on the pilot project. Unfortunately, Vikram’s father has a minor accident in Mysuru. He has been hospitalizedOpens in a new tab.. Vikram wants to go and visit his belovedOpens in a new tab. father.

Spoken English Conversation 45: Leave request

Vikram:Excuse me, sir.
Girish: Yes, Vikram.
Vikram:Sir, I have a personal emergency. My father had a minor accident, and he is hospitalized. So, I want to go to Mysuru immediately.
Girish: Oh, is it? I am so sorry. But what about the pilot project?
Vikram:Don’t worry, sir. I will ensure the pilot project will be completed on time. If required, I will work for extra time. I will be back tomorrow
Girish: Ok, go ahead. Take care. If possible, apply for leaveOpens in a new tab. on our HRMSOpens in a new tab. tool. I will approve your leave
Vikram:Sure, sir, I will do it. Thanks.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Make genuine leave requests.
  • b) Always assure seniors and supervisors that your absence won’t affect the project outcomes.
  • c) In some situations, your absence might affect the project outcomes – Seek the help of colleagues, seniors, and supervisors to ensure the project outcomes are not affected.

46) Role-play: Status Review

Girish is concerned that Vikram has taken leave while a crucial pilot project is in progress. So, Girish requests Mahesh to perform a status reviewOpens in a new tab. and ensure the pilot project is going as per the schedule. Mahesh is waiting for Vikram to be in the office to check the pilot project status.

Spoken English Conversation 46: Status Review

Mahesh: Good afternoon, Vikram
Vikram:Good afternoon, sir
Mahesh:I heard your father had an accident. How is he doing now?
Vikram:He had a minor accident, sir. He has a small hairline fracture in his hand. He got discharged from the hospital yesterday evening. The doctor has advised him to rest for a week.
Mahesh: How’s the pilot project going?
Vikram:Good sir.
Mahesh: What’s the status?
Vikram:We have completed all the part drawings. We are working on the sub-assembly drawings
Mahesh: Did you check the part drawings?
Vikram:Not yet, sir. We have just completed the drawing creation.
Mahesh: I suggest you complete the quality check of all the part drawings. Then, please fill out the check sheet and keep them ready for delivery to the customer. By doing so, we can tell the management on percentage completion. Else the status of the pilot project will be 0% completion.
Vikram:Sure, sir.
Mahesh: You have the drawing creation checklistOpens in a new tab., right?
Vikram:Yes, sir, I have it.
Mahesh: You are applying tolerance and GD&TOpens in a new tab. also, right?
Vikram:Yes, sir, were applying the tolerances and GD&T
Mahesh: Ok, Good.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Report the status of projects to supervisors daily or weekly.

47) Role-play: Let’s build a proposal

Along with the pilot project, the Top engineering services team should submit a proposalOpens in a new tab. for creating manufacturing drawings for their SPM designs. Girish requests Vikram to make the technical section of the proposal.

Spoken English Conversation 47: Let’s build a proposal

Girish: Good morning, Vikram
Vikram:Good morning, Sir
Girish:Vikram, Quick Automations wants us to submit a proposal. As a first step, they want to outsource drawing creation activity.
Girish: We need to submit a proposal for them. So please prepare a technical proposal.
Vikram:Sure, sir. But I have never made a proposal. So, is there any proposal that I can refer to?
Girish: Sure, I will mail you a technical reference proposal.
Vikram:Thanks, sir
Girish: Prepare the proposal and get it reviewed by Mahesh. Then, please mail me the final proposal by 3 PM tomorrow.
Vikram:Sure, sir, I will do it.
Girish: Thanks
Vikram:Thanks, sir.

48) Role-play: Pilot Project Delivery

Vikram and his colleague have completed all the drawings. Next, it’s time to deliverOpens in a new tab. the files to Quick Automations. Vikram catches up with Mahesh to inform him that the pilot project is completed. All the drawings are ready for delivery.

Spoken English Conversation 48: Pilot Project Delivery

Vikram:Excuse me, sir
Mahesh: Hi Vikram, Tell me.
Vikram:Sir, we have completed all the drawings.
Mahesh: Nice.
Vikram:I have placed all the drawings in the project folder. I have also mailed you the link.
Mahesh: Thanks. Can you get me a print of all the drawings? I want to check the drawings before I upload them to the customer server.
Vikram:Sure, sir, I will get them right away.

Mahesh ensures all the drawings are technically ok and created per the best practicesOpens in a new tab. of drawing creation. He then uploads all the drawings and filled check sheets to the customer server.


  • Sales = the process of exchanging goods or services with money
  • Connect = contact
  • Potential = possible
  • Capability = ability to do something
  • Presentation = explain with the help of slides containing images and text
  • Hands-on = directly involved
  • Assign = to give the responsibility
  • Show off = display
  • Meticulous = attention to detail
  • Demo = demonstration, practice
  • Hood = bonnet of a car
  • Draw die = a stamping die to draw a sheet metal
  • Trim and pierce die = a stamping die to trim and pierce the sheet metal component
  • Flange die = a stamping die to create flanges in the sheet metal component
  • Restrike die = a stamping die to restrike the sheet metal component
  • Pilot project = small project to check the capability
  • Scope = objective
  • Manufacturing drawing = an engineering drawing used for manufacturing
  • SPM = Special Purpose Machine
  • Estimate = calculate
  • Effort = Time in hours
  • Crucial = Important
  • QC = Quality Check
  • First Shift = working hours for employees working from early morning to afternoon
  • Second shift = working hours for employees working from afternoon to late in the evening
  • Hospitalized = admitted to hospital
  • Beloved = dearly loved
  • Leave = Away from the office
  • HRMS = Human Resource Management Software
  • Status review = a meeting to check the progress of the project
  • Checklist = A sheet with a list of checkpoints to ensure the quality of deliverables
  • GD&T = Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Proposal = a document consisting of a technical solution and a quote
  • Deliver = Submit/upload data and documents
  • Best practices = working method considered the best in the industry

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