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6) Spoken English Role-play Conversations: Joining a new company

This article provides Spoken English Role-play Conversations for mechanical engineers – Joining a new company. Vikram is now relieved from Accurate tooling. He has now relocated to Bengaluru. He has joined his best friend Umesh at his apartment. He has reached the Top engineering services office for the joining formalities. Priya and her team made sure the joining formalities were completed. The HR team conducts the induction program.

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39) Role-play: Meet and greet the project lead

After completing the joining formalities and the HR induction, it was time for Vikram to report to his supervisor. So, Priya and Vikram reached the project lead Girish’s desk.

Spoken English Conversation 39: Meet and greet the project lead

Priya:Hi Girish, Vikram has joined us today.
Girish: Hi Vikram, welcome. Welcome to Top engineering services
Vikram:Hello, sir. Thanks. I am doing good. How about you?
Girish: Thanks, Vikram. I am also doing good.
Priya:Ok, Girish, I will make a move.
Girish: Thanks, Priya.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Maintain a professional relationship with supervisors – Always understand your supervisor’s expectations of you.

40) Role-play: Team Introduction

Now it’s time for Vikram to get introduced to his project team. Girish takes Vikram to introduce him to the project team.

Spoken English Conversation 40: Team Introduction

Girish: Come Vikram, let’s go and meet our team.
Vikram:Sure, Sir.
Girish: Vikram, you can call me by the name Girish.
Vikram:I am used to referring to all my seniors and supervisors as sir. However, I will try. Please excuse me.
Girish: Ok. Hi team. I need your attention for a few minutes. First, I want to introduce Vikram, who is joining our team today as a senior design engineer. Vikram, why don’t you introduce yourself?
Vikram:Sure, sir. I am Vikram from Mysuru. Before joining Top engineering services, I worked at Accurate tooling. Accurate tooling specializes in designing and manufacturing tooling like jigs, fixtures, press tools, injection moulds, and die-casting dies. I have more than two years of experience in the design of jigs, fixtures, and press tools. I am looking forward to working with you all.
Girish: Ok, Thanks, guys.
Vikram, I will check if our project manager is free. If he is free, I will introduce you to him. Meanwhile, please occupy this cubicle. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone from the team.
Vikram:Sure, sir, Thanks.
Girish: Ok, once again, welcome, and all the best.
Vikram:Thank sir.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Get along with your colleagues. – every company will have its own culture. Colleagues are the ones who will make you understand this fast.


  • Relocate = move to a new place
  • Join = together
  • Apartment = house
  • Formality = official process
  • Induction = formal introduction
  • Supervisor = person whom you report to in the office
  • Get along = maintain a friendly relationship

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