4-Step Procedure to get Mechanical Engineering Jobs

It has always been challenging for mechanical engineering freshers to get their first job in the core mechanical engineering domain. The primary reason for mechanical engineers not getting jobs is a lack of skills and experience. In addition, there are no industry-experienced guides and mentors to support young mechanical engineers in getting jobs.

I am sure every mechanical engineer agrees; having an educational qualification is insufficient to get a job. Most mechanical engineering freshers will join a CAD course to get a job. However, this course is a must if you have completed a CAD course and still can’t get a job. It’s a myth that you will get a job with a course completion certificate from a CAD center.

So how to get mechanical engineering jobs? Mechanical Engineers should follow a 4 step procedure to get mechanical engineering Jobs.

S, Q, C, P – Search, Qualify, Customize, and Prepare.

In a series of articles, we will discuss each step in detail. Also, we will apply this procedure to job roles like mechanical design engineer, FEA Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Tooling Designer, etc. If you meticulously follow the procedures outlined in this course, getting your dream job will be a reality.

Before we start, let’s examine the procedure most mechanical engineers follow. Most mechanical engineers search for a job opportunity and then apply for it with a standard resume. With this procedure, mechanical engineers might not get an interview call. Even if you get an interview call, you might not get selected. No interview call because the employer did not find your resume suitable for the job position. No interview success because the employer didn’t get convinced about your candidature. The employer wasn’t convinced that you could satisfactorily perform the roles and responsibilities of the job.

S, Q, C, P – Search, Qualify, Customize, and Prepare.

Step-1: Search for Jobs

In step-1, you need to search for a specific job role within a particular industry. I will explain the type of job roles and types of industries in this course.

Step-2: Qualify Jobs

In step-2, you need to qualify for the job position. This step is the decision stage. In this step, you need to evaluate and decide if you have the skills and experience required for the job position. If you don’t have the necessary skills and experience, it is better not to apply for the job position. However, please note that even if you have higher skills and experience than required for the job position, you may not be selected as you are overqualified for the job position.

Step-3: Customize Resume

Once you decide to apply for the position, you enter step-3. In this step, you need to customize your resume to highlight the necessary skills and experience required for the job position.

Step-4: Interview Preparation

After applying for the job position, you need to prepare for the job interview. It does not matter if you haven’t received the call for the job interview. You are still going ahead with the preparations for the job interview. This preparation is continuous as you build a career in a specific job role of your interest within a particular industry.

S, Q, C, P – Search, Qualify, Customize, and Prepare.

The 4-Step procedure to get mechanical engineering jobs is simple to explain but difficult to practice. It requires knowledge of industry and industry expectations, types of companies in the industry, types of jobs available in these companies, and the skills and experience needed to get jobs in these companies.

All the very best for your job search.


Prasannakumar Shankar is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of work experience. In addition, to BE in mechanical engineering, he has an MTech, EMBA, and MS degree (from the State University of New York at Buffalo). He has worked for global multinational companies for the automotive and aerospace sectors in India, USA and Japan.

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