Spoken English Interview Preparation

3) Spoken English Role-play Conversations: Interview Preparation

This article provides Spoken English Role-play Conversations for mechanical engineers – Interview Preparation. Vikram receives an email from Priya for the preliminary interview. He is all excited to attend the interview.

Mechanical Engineering Job Interview Q&A

17) Role-play: I have an interview

As usual, Vikram shares the news about his scheduled interview with his father. Shankar enquires about the interview and suggests Vikram speak to Shiva, get his hair cut, and wear a formal dress for the interview.

Spoken English Conversation 17: I have an interview

Vikram: Good evening, Appa.
Shankar: Good evening, Vikram. You are looking excited. What’s the news?
Vikram: Appa, I have an interview on the 01st of October.
Shankar:Is it? Where?
Vikram: Appa, it’s an online interview. I can attend using my mobile or laptop.
Shankar: Ok. Which company?
Vikram: It’s the Top engineering services company from Bengaluru.
Shankar: Ok. Ok. Are you preparing for the interview?
Vikram: Yes, Appa.
Shankar: Why don’t you speak to Shiva and take his suggestions for interview preparation
Vikram:Yes, Appa, I will do it.
Shankar: Look at your hair. Why don’t you get a decent haircut? Also, wear a formal dress for the interview.
Vikram: Sure, Appa. I will get my hair cut first thing tomorrow morning.
Shankar: All the best for your interview.
Vikram: Thanks, Appa.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) A professional look is essential during interviews.

18) Role-play: Cut my hair

Vikram goes to a barber shop for a haircut. He gets his hair cut to medium length with a slope hairstyle on the sides and back.

Spoken English Conversation 18: Cut my hair

Vikram: Hi, how long would it take for my turn?
Barber: Hi, sir. Just 20 minutes. Please be seated.
Vikram: Ok.
Barber: Sir, please come.
Vikram: Cut my hair to medium length. Make a slope hairstyle on the sides and back.
Barber: Ok. Shall I use the trimmer?
Vikram: No. Don’t use the trimmer.
Barber: Ok. (After cutting the hair) Sir, is it ok?
Vikram: Ok.
Barber: Shall I shave your beard?
Vikram: No. Just trim them off.
Barber: Ok. (After trimming the beard) Sir, it’s done.
Vikram: Ok. How much should I pay?
Barber: Sir, just a hundred and twenty rupees.
(After receiving the money) Thanks, sir. Bye.
Vikram: Bye

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Groom your hair, trim your beard, and look good during an interview.

19) Role-play: How to prepare for the interview?

Vikram is thinking about how to prepare for the interview. Though he had two years of experience, this was his first interview. So, he was a bit scared. So, he sent a WhatsApp message to Shankar seeking advice for interview preparation. Finally, late in the evening, Shankar calls Vikram.

Spoken English Conversation 19: How to prepare for the interview?

Shankar: Hello, Vikram. How are you?
Vikram: Hello, Sir. Good evening. I am good, sir. How are you?
Shankar: Good. Good. I saw your WhatsApp message. So, you have an interview with the Top engineering services company in Bengaluru.
Vikram: Yes, sir. Please help me prepare for the interview.
Shankar: Sure. No Problem. In the interview, there will be general questions and technical questions. Some of the most frequently asked general questions are,
* Tell me about yourself.
* What are your strengths and weaknesses?
* Why should we hire you?
* Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years? Etc.
You can prepare for all general questions using the internet. Many articles and videos on the internet will help you prepare.
Vikram: Ok, sir.
Shankar: Technical questions will usually come from your resume. Usually, an interviewer asks you to explain one or two projects listed in your resume and ask many technical questions related to your project. So, refresh your technical knowledge on all the projects you have listed in your resume. If possible, prepare a list of anticipated questions on your projects.
Vikram: Sure, sir.
Shankar: Make sure you answer all the questions confidently. Don’t lie in the interview. If you don’t know an answer to a technical question, accept you don’t know. Don’t keep silent. Silence is not an answer in the interview. Wherever necessary, give examples of your performance and achievements in your current job.
Vikram: Sure, sir.
Shankar: Then what else?
Vikram: Nothing more, sir. Thanks for your help.
Shankar: Make sure your mobile has a network and charge for the interview. Sit in a calm place during the interview.
Vikram: Sure, sir.
Shankar: Ok then, all the best for your interview. Good night.
Vikram: Good night, sir. Bye.
Shankar: Bye, take care.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Always prepare for your interviews.
  • b) Prepare for all sorts of general questions using the articles and videos available on the internet.
    • * Tell me about yourself.
    • * What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • * Why should we hire you?
    • * Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?
  • c) Prepare for technical questions. Expect technical questions based on
    • * The projects listed on your resume, and
    • * The skills required by the job position.


  • Preliminary = introductory
  • Online interview = interview conducted using the internet and meeting app
  • Scared = afraid
  • Strength = ability
  • Weakness = slight fault or defect

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