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1) Spoken English Role-play Conversations: Let’s go for a coffee

This article provides Spoken English Role-play Conversations for mechanical engineers – Let’s go for a coffee. Vikram is studying in the final year of mechanical engineering at the Good college of engineering in Mysuru. His father, Shankar, works at a government office, and his mother is a homemaker.

Though not very studious, Vikram has a knack for speaking to people. Vikram wants a job as soon as he obtains his engineering degree. Vikram is interested in taking up a job and becoming financially independent. He believes becoming self-reliant is the first step towards living his dream life and supporting his father financially.

Mechanical Engineering Job Interview Q&A

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1) Role-play: Let’s go for a coffee

How to get a job? Vikram thinks about it repeatedly, but there’s no answer to this question. Now he can’t keep this question to himself anymore. He must ask someone: how to get a job? Who can be the best person to ask? Of course, his best friend, Umesh.

After the classes, Vikram catches up[9] with Umesh in the college and invites him for coffee.

Spoken English Conversation 1: Let’s go for a coffee

Vikram: Hey Umesh, come, let’s go and have some coffee.
Umesh: Hi Vikram, why now? It’s already late. Let’s go home and drink coffee.
Vikram: I need to speak to you. Come, I will buy coffee for you.
Umesh: Are you going to pay? Then let’s go. I am also hungry. Let’s eat some snacks as well.
Vikram: Ok. Ok. Let’s go.

Spoken English tips

  • a) “Hey” is used to greet close friends and close persons in an informal conversation.
  • b) “Hi,” “Hello” is used to greet all other people in a formal conversation.

2) Role-play: Get us by-two coffee

Both Vikram and Umesh reach the college canteen. As it is already evening, there are very few students in the canteen. Vikram orders coffee and snacks. Raju, a friendly waiter[10] at the college canteen[11], is always there to quickly help students get their much-needed refreshment’s[12].

Spoken English Conversation 2: Get us by-two coffee

Vikram: Hey, Raju. Get us by-two[13] coffee. Also, get two Samosas.
Waiter Raju: Ok, but we don’t have any Samosas[14] left.
Vikram: Is it? What else do you have?
Waiter Raju: It’s closing time. We don’t have any snacks left with us now. So, all I can offer is a pack of cookies.
Vikram: Ok, please give us a pack of cookies.
Waiter Raju: Here are your coffee, cookies[15], and bill.[16] Please pay the amount right away. We are closing now.
Vikram: Ok. Hey Umesh, do you have a two-rupee coin? Hey Raju, take the bill amount.
Waiter Raju: Thanks. Bye.

3) Role-play: How to get jobs?

Vikram shares his concern[17] regarding getting a job with Umesh. However, Umesh is also not aware of how to get a job. So, they decide to speak to the placement officer[18] and check if mechanical engineers are getting any placements[19].

Spoken English Conversation 3: How to get jobs?

Vikram: Hey, Umesh, don’t you think we should get a job as soon as we complete engineering?
Umesh: Of course, yes. But how do we get jobs?
Vikram: That’s what I am also wondering.[20] How do we get jobs?
Umesh: I have no clue.
Vikram: I have been thinking over this for the past few days. But I am unable to find any solution.
Umesh: Let’s do one thing. Let’s talk to the placement officer.
Vikram: Good idea. Let’s talk to the placement officer first thing in the morning. What time will you come to college tomorrow?
Umesh: Tomorrow, I am not coming to college. I have some personal work.
Vikram: Oh, is it? Ok, I will speak to the placement officer. Later, I will update you on the discussions.
Umesh: Sure, thanks. Now let’s go home. We are already late.
Vikram: Ok, Let’s go home.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Start preparing to get a job while studying in the engineering final year.
  • b) The preparations should focus on the available entry-level positions in companies and acquiring the necessary skills and experience for such entry-level positions.

4) Role-play: Are there any placements?

The following day, Vikram visits the placement office and meets the placement officer. The placement officer tells Vikram that the placements for the mechanical engineering department are not promising. The placement officer also suggests[21] Vikram meets the HoD[22] of the mechanical engineering department and take his advice[23] on how to get jobs.

Spoken English Conversation 4: Are there any placements?

Vikram: Excuse me, sir. May I come in?
Placement officer: Yes, please come.
Vikram: Good morning, sir. I am Vikram, and I am studying in my final year of mechanical engineering.
Placement officer: Tell me, Vikram.
Vikram: Sir, are there any placements happening for us this year?
Placement officer: Vikram, placements for the mechanical engineering department are not promising.
Vikram: Oh! Is it, sir?
Placement officer: I have been trying hard to reach out to HR[24] managers of many manufacturing[25] companies. Unfortunately,[26] though they promise to conduct campus interviews, they don’t turn up for our year-end[27] campus placements[28] event.
Vikram: What should I do, sir?
Placement officer: I am not sure what you can do. However, I will try to get some companies for the mechanical engineering department for this year’s campus placements event at our college. Do speak to your HoD once. I am sure he can guide[29] you in getting a job.
Vikram: Ok, Sir. Thanks.
Placement officer: Ok, all the best.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Start a student club in your college to connect with local industries and industry associations, especially the MSME[30] sector – Approach them for internships and jobs.

5) Role-play: How to get jobs?

Immediately Vikram reaches the mechanical engineering department to meet the HoD. The HoD tells Vikram that it is challenging to get mechanical engineering jobs without experience. So, he suggested Vikram take up an internship[31] with a reputed manufacturing company and gain some experience.

Spoken English Conversation 5: How to get jobs?

Vikram: Excuse me, sir. May I come in?
HoD: Hi Vikram, please come.
Vikram: Good morning, sir.
HoD: Good morning, Vikram. Tell me. Please make it fast. I have a class to attend in another fifteen minutes.
Vikram: Sir, I just spoke to the placement officer regarding placements.
HoD: Ok.
Vikram: He told me that placements are not promising for mechanical engineers. He suggested that I speak to you about getting a job.
HoD: He is right. Vikram, it’s tricky to get mechanical engineering jobs without work experience. So, I suggest you take up internships with a reputed manufacturing company to get some experience. Trust me. Good internships can increase your chances of getting a job.
Vikram: Ok, Sir. Thanks for your advice. I shall look out for internships.
HoD: Ok, Vikram. All the best. You may leave now.
Vikram: Ok, Sir. Thanks.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Mechanical engineering internships that provide skills and experience increase your chances of getting jobs.
  • b) An online course, “Free internship for mechanical engineers,” is available at www.royal-mechanical.com
  • c) The mechanical industry is a capital-intensive[32] industry. Hence, most of the companies in the mechanical industries won’t be able to provide training for students. So, mechanical engineering students should focus on acquiring skills and experience essential for an entry-level position in the industry.

6) Role-play: How to get internships?

Vikram is back home, and now he is thinking about how to get internships. By then, Vikram’s father, Shankar, had returned from office. So first, Vikram shares his concerns with his father. Then, Shankar suggests Vikram speak to his friend Shiva, who works as an engineering manager with Accurate Tools. Accurate Tools is a company specializing in designing[33] and manufacturing[34] tooling[35] like jigs[36], fixtures[37], press tools[38], plastic injection moulds[39], and die-casting dies[40].

Spoken English Conversation 6: How to get internships?

Shankar: Hi, Vikram. How come you are so early today?
Vikram: Good evening, Appa[41]. Do you know something? There are no placements for mechanical engineers in our college. So, I spoke to our HoD. He advised me to look for internships in some manufacturing company.
Shankar: So, what’s your plan?
Vikram: I have no clue, Appa. Can you help me get an internship?
Shankar: You know my friend Shiva. Don’t you? He works for Accurate Tools. So, you go and meet him sometime tomorrow evening.
Vikram: Thanks, Appa.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) References are an effortless way to know about internship opportunities. – Do network and stay connected with industry professionals.[42]

7) Role-play: Request for internship

The following day in the evening, Vikram goes to Shiva’s home. He requests Shiva’s help getting an internship opportunity with Accurate Tools. Shiva promises to help Vikram. However, he asks Vikram to follow up[43] after his exams, as Accurate Tools do not offer any part-time[44] internships.

Spoken English Conversation 7: Request for internship

Vikram: Good evening, Uncle. I am Vikram, Shankar’s son.
Shiva: Good evening, Vikram. Please come. Shankar called me yesterday.
Vikram: Uncle, I am a student in the final year of mechanical engineering at Good engineering college. I am looking for an internship to get some experience.
Shiva: Ok, when will you be completing your course?
Vikram: My exams are due in July. I will be out of my college by the first week of August.
Shiva: We don’t offer any part-time internships in our company. So, meet me again once you complete your course. Here is my business card. Do mail me your CV.[45]
Vikram: Ok, Uncle. Thanks for your help.
Shiva: No problem. All the best for your exams.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Don’t hesitate to speak to industry professionals and ask for internship opportunities.

8) Role-play: Internship opportunity

After completing his final exams, Vikram meets Shiva to follow up on the internship opportunity. To his surprise, Shiva has already planned for his internship with Accurate Tools.

Spoken English Conversation 8: Internship opportunity

Vikram: Good evening, Uncle.
Shiva: Good evening, Vikram. Please come. How was your performance in the exams?
Vikram: Good Uncle. Uncle, remember I spoke to you regarding my internship?
Shankar: Yes, Vikram. I have already spoken to our HR team. I will again talk to them and let you know when you can start your internship.
Vikram: Thanks, uncle. Thanks for your help.
Shankar: You will be in training for the first three months. So, the company will not pay you any salary[46] or stipend.[47] However, after three months, your supervisor will evaluate your performance. Then a decision will be taken if the company wants to hire you. But in any case, you will receive an experience letter.
Vikram: Sure, uncle. No problem. I look forward to working at Accurate Tools and gaining work experience.
Shankar: Ok then. I will call you by tomorrow evening.
Vikram: Thanks, uncle. Bye.
Shankar: Bye, Vikram.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Always follow up on your requests. If you don’t, you will lose the opportunity.

Vikram joins Accurate Tools as an intern. During the training, he demonstrates[48] excellent learning ability. So, he gets many opportunities to support senior mechanical design engineers on live projects[49]. At the end of the three-month internship, Accurate Tools offers[50] him an entry-level job position as a design engineer trainee.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Check on the internet for online portals that provide information about internships.
  • b) Check on company websites for internship opportunities.
  • c) An online course, “Free internship for mechanical engineers,” is available at www.royal-mechanical.com

9) Role-play: I have seen you somewhere

Vikram meets Sapna, who is also working as a trainee engineer in the controls[51] department. Sapna studied electrical and electronics engineering at Good engineering college. Vikram has seen her in the college. So, he starts a conversation with her during lunchtime.

Spoken English Conversation 9: I have seen you somewhere

Vikram: Hi, good afternoon.
Sapna: Good afternoon.
Vikram: Have we met before? I have seen you somewhere.
Sapna: No, I don’t remember seeing you before.
Vikram: Did you study at the Good engineering college?
Sapna: Yes, I did.
Vikram: Even I studied at the Good engineering college. I remember seeing you at the college.
Sapna: Is it?
Vikram: My name is Vikram. I am working as a trainee in the engineering department. Can I join you for lunch?
Sapna: Sure.
Vikram: So, what’s your name? which department are you working for?
Sapna: I am Sapna. I am working as a trainee engineer in the controls department.
Vikram: What do you do in the controls department?
Sapna: I am working on new product development. The product is confidential. So, my seniors have advised me not to reveal product details outside the department.
Vikram: Oh, is it? I am supporting the tooling design projects.[52]
Sapna: (after finishing lunch) Ok, bye.
Vikram: Bye.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Don’t hesitate to speak to people. Spoken English skills come in handy to strike up[53] conversations.
    • ii) Always keep product[54] details and customer[55] details confidential.[56]
    • iii) During an internship, focus on gaining skills and experience.

10) Role-play: I need to change my job

Vikram has been working with Accurate Tools for the past two years. He has been promoted[57] to the position of junior design engineer. He has been supporting senior engineers on most of the critical[58] design projects.

It has been his ambition to lead[59] a project, but as he is the youngest on the team, his ambition[60] is still a dream. So now, he is looking for a job change.

On a Sunday morning, Vikram shares his thoughts with his father. Shankar usually suggests Vikram speak to Shiva, as he is unaware of the mechanical engineering industry.

Spoken English Conversation 10: I need to change my job

Vikram: Good morning, Appa.
Shankar: Good morning, Vikram. How come you are at home on a Sunday morning? Didn’t you go out to play cricket with your friends?
Vikram: No Appa.
Shankar: Tell me.
Vikram: Appa, I want to change my job.
Shankar: Why? What happened? Is everything all right in your company?
Vikram: Appa, everything is good in my company. But I need to grow further in my career. So, I need a job change.
Shankar: If everything is good, why do you want a job change? Here in Mysuru, we have very few large MNC[61]s in the manufacturing sector. So, there are limited job opportunities. In addition, we are all living together in our own house. So, why don’t you continue in your current job?
Vikram: No, Appa. I am ambitious. Product engineering services is a growing field. I want to make it big in this domain.
Shankar: Ok. I don’t want to pour cold water[62] into your dreams. Did you speak to Shiva? I heard he had joined a large MNC in Bengaluru.
Vikram: No, Appa. I will speak to him today.
Shankar: Ok. All the best.
Vikram: Thanks, Appa.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Plan your career, so you get a promotion or change your job once in 3 years.

11) Role-play: How to change my job?

Vikram calls Shiva, who is now working in a large MNC in Bengaluru. Shiva advises Vikram to create a resume[63] and a cover letter[64] and upload them to job portals[65] and company websites. Shiva also suggests Vikram highlight[66] his skills[67], experience[68], and achievements[69] in his resume.

Spoken English Conversation 11: How to change my job?

Vikram: Hello. Am I speaking to Shiva?
Shiva: Yes. I am Shiva. Who is this?
Vikram: Sir, I am Vikram from Mysuru. Remember I was working with you at Accurate Tools?
Shiva: Hi, Vikram. How can I forget you? Tell me.
Vikram: Sir, sorry to disturb you on a Sunday morning. Is it a good time to talk for a few minutes?
Shiva: Sunday is the right time to talk. I will be busy during weekdays, tell me.
Vikram: Sir, I am looking for a job change. I need your advice.
Shiva: Ok, I can understand. Prepare a resume and upload it into a couple of job portals. Make sure your profile is 100 percent complete on job portals. Highlight your skills and experiences in the resume. Also, don’t forget to mention your achievements in your resume. A cover letter is also essential.
Vikram: Sir, do you have any template for my resume and cover letter?
Shiva: Check on the internet. You will find many resources to write an effective resume and cover letter.
Vikram: Sure, sir.
Shiva: Once the resume and cover letter are ready, search for relevant jobs and apply.
Vikram: Ok, sir.
Shiva: Also, look for suitable job openings on company websites.
Vikram: Sure, sir.
Shiva: If you have any questions, do WhatsApp[70] me. I will reply whenever I am free.
Vikram: Thanks, sir. Thanks for your help.
Shiva: Ok, all the best for your job search. Bye. Take care. Vikram, convey my regards to your father. I haven’t spoken to him for a while.
Vikram: Sure, Sir. Bye.
Shiva: Ok. Goodbye.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Have an experienced mentor who can guide your professional decisions.

Vikram has created an effective[71] resume and cover letter. Moreover, he has uploaded his resume and cover letter to many job portals and career pages of company websites. As a result, he has been continuously[72] applying for relevant[73] job openings.

Career tips for mechanical engineers

  • a) Highlight your skills, experience, and achievements in your resume.
  • b) A cover letter should always accompany your resume.
  • c) Don’t send a blank email[74] to the recruiter[75]. Instead, ensure you include the subject, body, and signature[76] in your emails.
  • d) Ensure[77] 100% profile completeness[78] on job portals. 100% Profile completeness will rank your profile higher in search results.
  • e) Add all relevant skills to the job portal. These entries will act as keywords[79] when recruiters search in the job portal.
  • f) Don’t forget to summarize the relevant projects you have worked on – projects indicate experience.

12) Role-play: Let’s go to a movie

Meanwhile, Vikram and Sapna keep bumping[80] into each other in the cafeteria during tea and lunch breaks. From a casual professional acquaintance, [81] now they have become friends. One fine day, Vikram asks Sapna, “Let’s go to a movie.”

Spoken English Conversation 12: Let’s go to a movie

Vikram: Hi Sapna, how are you doing today?
Sapna:As usual hectic[82]schedule. How about you?
Vikram: Same here. Sapna, did you hear about the new blockbuster Kannada[83] movie? The box office collection of this movie is more than seven hundred crore rupees[84] in just one week. Isn’t it great?
Sapna:Yes. I did watch the trailer on YouTube. It’s an action-packed[85] movie.
Vikram:Do you like to watch action movies?
Sapna:Not really, but I would like to watch this movie, considering it’s a blockbuster.[86]
Vikram:Shall we go and watch it this Sunday?
Sapna:With you?
Vikram:Yes, with me. I will book the tickets on the movie ticketing app.[87]
Vikram:I will WhatsApp the tickets as soon as I book them.
Sapna:Ok, Thanks.
Vikram:Mention not.

Spoken English tips

  • a) Socializing with friends improves your communication skills.
  • b) Speaking English while socializing with friends will improve your spoken English skills.


  • [1] Mysuru = a city in India popularly known as the city of the palaces
  • [2] Homemaker = a person who manages a home
  • [3] Studious = spending a lot of time studying
  • [4] Knack = talent
  • [5] Obtain = get
  • [6] Financially = managing money
  • [7] Self-reliant = a person who does not need help and support from others
  • [8] Support = help
  • [9] Catch up = talk
  • [10] Waiter = a person who serves customers in a restaurant
  • [11] Canteen = restaurant, cafeteria
  • [12] Refreshment’s = snacks or soft drinks
  • [13] by-two: slang for sharing one coffee by two persons.
  • [14] Samosa: a popular Indian snack
  • [15] Cookies = sweet biscuits
  • [16] Bill = a list of items and their price
  • [17] Concern = worry
  • [18] Placement officer = a person responsible for getting jobs for students
  • [19] Placement = job
  • [20] Wonder = curious
  • [21] Suggest = give an idea
  • [22] HoD = Head of the Department
  • [23] Advice = opinion
  • [24] HR = Human Resource
  • [25] Manufacturing = process of converting raw material into finished goods with the help of tools and machines
  • [26] Unfortunately, = unlucky
  • [27] Year-end = end of the year
  • [28] Campus placements = companies visiting the college to evaluate candidates and offer job
  • [29] Guide = show a way
  • [30] MSME = Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises
  • [31] Internship = training in a company to acquire skills and experience
  • [32] Capital intensive = requires huge money
  • [33] Design = 3D models and 2D drawings of machines and mechanical equipment’s created with an intent to manufacture.
  • [34] Manufacture = Production of machines and mechanical equipment’s as per the design
  • [35] Tooling = tools used for manufacturing parts and assemblies
  • [36] Jig = work holding device which also guides the cutting tool
  • [37] Fixture = work holding device
  • [38] Press Tool = a tool/die used to manufacture sheet metal parts
  • [39] Plastic Injection Mould = a tool/die used to manufacture plastic parts
  • [40] Die Casting Dies = a tool/die used to manufacture casting parts
  • [41] Appa = Father
  • [42] Industry professional = a person working in a company/industry
  • [43] Follow-up = check again for more information
  • [44] Part-time = work for only a few hours a day or work for only a few days in a week
  • [45] CV = curriculum vitae, a document that lists educational qualifications and academic achievements
  • [46] Salary = money paid to employees every month
  • [47] Stipend = money paid to interns or trainees
  • [48] Demonstrate = show
  • [49] Live project = a real-time project in a company
  • [50] Offer = a job position in a company with salary and other benefits
  • [51] Controls = control engineering – design a system using electrical and electronic equipment’s to control motion
  • [52] Project = a work performed for a customer within a timeframe
  • [53] Strike up = begin a friendship
  • [54] Product = an item manufactured with the intent to sell
  • [55] Customer = a person or a company buying goods and services
  • [56] Confidential = secret
  • [57] Promotion = assign a next senior-level of job position
  • [58] Critical = important
  • [59] Lead = guide a team to achieve a project objective
  • [60] Ambition = goal
  • [61] MNC = Multinational Company
  • [62] Pour cold water = Discourage someone’s idea
  • [63] Resume = a marketing document created with the intent of getting a job
  • [64] Cover Letter = letter accompanying the resume, which communicates your interest in the job and suitability for the job
  • [65] Portal = website
  • [66] Highlight = emphasize, attract attention
  • [67] Skill = ability to do a job
  • [68] Experience = repeated application of skill
  • [69] Achievement = completed something successfully
  • [70] WhatsApp = messaging app
  • [71] Effective = capable of giving intended results
  • [72] Continuously = always
  • [73] Relevant = related, appropriate
  • [74] Blank email = an email without a subject, body, or signature
  • [75] Recruiter = a person responsible for looking for new employees
  • [76] Signature = thanks, name, and contact details, written at the end of an email
  • [77] Ensure = make sure
  • [78] 100% Profile completeness = fill in each detail in the job portal
  • [79] Keyword = words used to search on the internet or job portal
  • [80] Bump into someone = unplanned meeting
  • [81] Acquaintance = a person whom you know but are not a close friend
  • [82] Hectic = busy
  • [83] Kannada = Language spoken by people in Karnataka, India.
  • [84] Rupee = Indian currency
  • [85] Action-packed = Full of action sequences
  • [86] Blockbuster = highly successful film
  • [87] App = a software application on a mobile device

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